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Duhovka Philosophy

Duhovka’s Vision

Our education system is about helping children and students develop their individuality, and in a way that respects their natural pace of learning. We want to offer them an environment where they can realize and experience their own uniqueness, an environment that will give them pride in the country they come from, but also enable them to think on a global scale. They will see education as a natural facet of their existence, and it will be a source of joy and personal fulfillment throughout their lives. We want the young women and men who graduate from Duhovka to have self-esteem, an awareness of their strong points, weak points and limits, and the courage to decide about their future course in life. We want them to be able to take responsibility for co-creating the environment of which they themselves are a part. We want our graduates to be successful, but not only by objective measures. We want them to feel successful within themselves.

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