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Duhovka Open Door Days

We cordially invite you to our Duhovka Open Days!

Duhovka Preschool - please arrange your individual appointment in the preschool office

Duhovka Elementary School - November 20th, 2018

Duhovka High School - November 13th, 2018


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Duhovka Philosophy

Accepts responsibility for all actions; realizing they are a part of a bigger whole.

We believe everyone has a hidden treasure. We help them to discover and make the most of their riches.

Everyone gets a chance to discover all the things they need to grow inside themselves.

We encourage and cultivate self-confidence in the children and guide them to have faith in their own abilities.

Our evaluations focus solely on specific patterns of behavior, not individuals themselves.

Duhovka is a place where children, parents and teachers alike feel free to communicate their needs.

The ideal aim of teaching is but to show students how to teach themselves and enjoy themselves doing it.

We see learning as a spontaneous and continuous human activity.

We teach children to understand the world contextually and critically evaluate information.

Children both want and need to discover the world, both around them and inside themselves.

Each person is their own best teacher and guide.

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About Duhovka Group

Duhovka Group has created a comprehensive educational system for children aged 1.5 to 19. This unique educational project is largely based on a Czech-English bilingual enviroment and Montessori methods.

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Duhovka and media

Duhovka in newspapers, radio and TV. Videos, our newsletters or logo for downloading.

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Our principles

We think the Duhovka project is ambitious and courageous. That's why it appeals to us.

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Are you interested in working for Duhovka?

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The most frequently asked questions and our answers. We welcome your questions - feel free to ask!

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Náš tým

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Nad Kajetánkou 134/9
Praha 6, 169 00

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News from all Duhovka institutions at one place. Our history, curiosities etc.

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Visit our FB sites and learn about news at High School, Elementary and Preschool, or at our Duhovka Institute.

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