Our company has established an internal whistleblowing system and receives notifications in accordance with Act No. 171/2023 Coll. On Whistleblower Protection. Below you will find the whistleblowing channel along with a description of how to submit and track a notification. Only the relevant person can see the notification received. All information provided is therefore completely safe.

Responsible person: Martina Bedřichová, HR Manager
Phone: +420 606 068 398
E-mail: martina.bedrichova@duhovkagroup.cz

These contact details are not used to receive notifications. Notifications can be made using the methods listed below.

Options for submitting a notification

Do you suspect unethical behaviour in our organisation or want to send us any feedback?

In accordance with the Act, we allow you to submit notifications 24/7 in writing using the notification form:


Notices can be tracked HERE by entering the unique key you receive when you submit a notice.