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About Duhovka Group

duhovka_loga_slide.pngAbout Duhovka Group

Duhovka Group has created a comprehensive educational system for children aged 1.5 to 19. This unique educational project is largely based on a Czech-English bilingual enviroment and Montessori methods.

Duhovka Group currently operates four schools, which integrates preschool, primary and secondary school in a coherent learning system. ”We aim to interconnect our schools as much as possible in order to facilitate the children’s passage to higher levels of education. We have also set up a team of experts to create a common teaching methodology,“ says Jindřich Kitzberger, Director for Pedagogy and Education Policy of Duhovka Group and director Škola Hrou elementary school.

Duhovka focuses on working with the children’s natural curiosity and their inner motivation. Tomáš Janeček, chairman of the board of directors of Duhovka Group and the project’s founder, explains Duhovka’s philosophy: ”Our goal is to create an inspiring environment where children will have the courage to express themselves, to grow and to accept responsibility for their decisions. We want to be a school where children are not afraid to ask and to make mistakes.” An integral part of Duhovka’s concept is a bilingual Czech-English environment.

The presence of native speakers of different languages – teachers and students - creates a naturally bilingual atmosphere where children meet and instantly familiarise themselves with a foreign language.

The first Duhovka pre-school was founded in 2008 in Prague's Hanspaulka and a second branch soon followed in Malá Strana. In 2010 primary school Škola Hrou, which has a tradition in applying alternative teaching methods, became a member of the Duhovka project and the school opened two new classes in 2011-2012. The eight-year Duhovka High School opened its first Czech-English class in Prague 6 and another Montessori class accepted new pupils in September 2011 in Prague 4. Duhovka Institute, that provides certified Montessori Teacher Education Programs for Czech and foreign teachers is as well part of our group. Duhovka Foundation, which will provide education to children from needy families is about to start operating for 2014/2015 school year.

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