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About Duhovka Group

Our Principles

Duhovka started out as a "greenfield project". First of all, we pondered some questions: Why build such a system? What foundations should it be built on? How will it be original? Only then did we set about creating and purchasing the individual schools. This means that the whole system has been established on a foundation of principles and basic ideas which we believe in ourselves, and which, for the most part, we already live. We also encourage the teachers, administrators and other employees at our schools to believe in these principles and live them too. That way, they are passed on to the children and students, helping to shape the development of their personalities and their future lives.

We think the Duhovka project is ambitious and courageous. That's why it appeals to us. And that's also why we're offering it to parents and their children, to teachers, other professionals in the field, and all those who work with us. It can't succeed without the cooperation of all of us, but if the Duhovka principles and bases unite us, we've got a pretty good chance. Our goal is not "just" to prepare our children and students for success in their further studies. Of course our schools provide education at the highest standard, but we want to offer far more than this - an all-round education - helping them deal gracefully both with their own lives and in their relationships with others.

We've listed our basic ideas, principles and aims in two documents: The Duhovka Values and Profile of the Duhovka´s Graduate. Writing about them is risky, though. It's better to talk about them in person. So please see them only as a first step towards introducing our concept. If you find them interesting, our staff are always happy to discuss them with you.

The Board of Directors of Duhovka Group, a.s.

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