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Duhovka Society


Duhovka Society

In 2017 we welcomed another member to our Duhovka family: Duhovka Society

The purpose of the Society is to support work with children and youth, teachers and other educators in institutions belonging to the educational system of Duhovka Group, a.s. Thanks to the generosity of parents it is possible to carry out joint school projects for our children, such as the Montessori garden for our preschool and elementary school, the high school courtyard, or social scholarships enabling Duhovka to maintain a complex, multicultural and socially diverse environment. Duhovka seeks to provide not only high-quality Czech-English Montessori instructions to its children, but also an inspiring environment, to the creation of which we invite all our parents. There are many ways of contributing, and this is one of them. We will appreciate your participation as it will contribute to the creation and growth of Duhovka schools.

You can read more about Duhovka Society here.


Jitka Krejcarová, Office Manager Duhovka Group, [javascript protected email], +420 604 228 197


You can make donations to our transparent account: 9631152001/5500

You can donate to the project of your school alco through website:



High School

Project of Contryard at High School on


Project of Scholarships on



Evening for Duhovka

May 29th, 6PM, Prague Crossroads - St. Anne's Church

On the 10th anniversary of Duhovka we were pleased to invite all parents and friends to the first benefit evening – the Evening for Duhovka.

The event was be held under the auspices of the Duhovka Society, aiming at the financial support of all Duhovka schools and their projects, which we were pleased to present to you during the evening.

During the evening, we were able to raise incredible 601.800 CZK.We thank you for your great support and help during the preparation phase as well as during the evening.

Special thank to all our partners - without whom the Evening would't have been so great!

We believe the photos here can evoke the atmosphere of the evening (password: forourchildren)


Duhovka Sale

Many thanks!

To all parents who contributed by donating items for sale or by purchasing such items, for all the funds raised at our charity sale!

Many thanks also go to the parents in the Parents Association for a lovely atmosphere, for their hard work and time devoted to arranging the Duhovka sale.

An amazing sum of money was raised – 13 407 CZK!

Furthermore, several books and games were handed over to the after-school center to make other children happy!

Projekty našich škol


Montessori Garden at Pevnostní

This garden project is based on two basic needs. The first is to provide plenty of opportunities for physical activities, encouraging children's natural inclination to move in a safe environment, the other is to transfer as many educational activities as possible outside and to provide children with plenty of stimuli allowing them to observe and discover the beauty of nature. The natural-looking garden and the way it changes throughout the year will be promoted through thoughtful planting of shrubs, trees and flowers as well as the use of natural materials for outdoor play equipment.

High School

The aim of this project is to use the space of the courtyard at Duhovka high school. We want to create an area where we can meet, learn, relax and create – a "yard" that will be ours – for the students, teachers, parents - the whole high school community.



Montessori Garden "We love to be outside 2.0"

Nature is the best teacher. We want our children to spend time outside as much as possible. The Montessori garden should be an extension of the classroom, so our goal is to create a Montessori garden with the "prepared environment", which is inspiring, pleasant, supporting learning and physical activities, encouraging both relaxation and active recovery.


All schools

At this point in time Duhovka is attended by 40 students receiving social scholarships, which have so far only been funded by Mr. and Mrs. Janeček. Thanks to these scholarships Duhovka continues to be diverse and varied. Children whose family background prevents them to pay the full amount of tuition fees are a great asset for Duhovka's healthy and real-world environment. Duhovka has always, from the very beginning, strived to be open and friendly. We aim at increasing the number of students by 10.

 We would like to express our thanks to all donors and friends of Duhovka!

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