Montessori Czech-English Education

We inspire and support our schools to fulfill a common vision while keeping their uniqueness.

Duhovka Group is a team of people who, under the leadership of the founders Ivana and Tomáš Janeček, provide professional support to the comprehensive educational system of Duhovka private schools in the fields of education, finance, IT, human resources and marketing.

Duhovka was founded in 2008, it is intended for children from 1.5 years to 19 years of age, and is based on the principle of a Czech-English environment and the Montessori educational method. First in 2008, the preschool was founded. Two years later, Duhovka Elementary and High School followed. The Institute is also part of our system, which provides certified training of teachers in the Montessori method.

Duhovka Group is a guarantee that Duhovka is developing as a unified, sustainable system in the long-term. It ensures that individual institutions are connected with each other and that they share common values ​​and a common pedagogical concept.

Our Schools and the Institute

A toddler working in the Montessori toddler class Duhovka

Toddlers and Duhovka Preschool

A toddler class for children from 1.5 years and a preschool for children from 3 years offer a prepared environment which promotes the child’s natural curiosity and helps fully develop their potential in the spirit of the thought: “Help me do it myself.” Children learn through a process of observation and engagement of all senses and are accompanied by experienced guides, for whom kind care and respect are a matter of course. Duhovka Preschool supports each child’s enthusiasm to get to know the world, their uniqueness and resourcefulness.
a girl working with a Montessori material at a Czech-English Montessori Elementary Duhovka

Duhovka Elementary

An elementary school for children from grades 1 to 9 creates a bilingual Montessori environment which corresponds to children’s natural developmental needs and supports their overall growth. Special emphasis is placed on children learning to think in context and on simply being able to cope with various situations that they will encounter in life and living their own lives. It guides them to independence and responsibility for what they create. It develops their interest in education and teaches them respect in an environment where they feel loved and respected.
students in the hall of a Czech-English eight-year private High School Duhovka

Duhovka High School

A Czech-English eight-year high school helps students discover and develop their talents, including the hidden ones. It supports their self-confidence and faith in their own abilities. The goal of the high school is that students leave with - besides the academic knowledge - a life-long love of learning, the ability to navigate the ever-changing world and readiness to face challenges. Students can choose to graduate from the high school with a Czech leaving certificate or an internationally recognized IB Diploma.
Two teachers working with Montessori materials in the Duhovka Institute

Duhovka Institute

Duhovka Institute is an AMS accredited Montessori educational program under the guidance of qualified instructors with many years of experience. Thanks to the institute, the Duhovka system maintains a high quality of education. The purpose of the institute is to provide further education, transform thinking in terms of approach towards the children, and provide complex personality development for teachers, lecturers and other employees. The Institute operates in Prague, Florida and Norway.

Career in Duhovka

We are united by the desire to give the best of ourselves. We are conscientious about our work; we like to be inspired and we want to be role models. The people who work in Duhovka are united by the desire to do things properly and by their enthusiasm for influencing the face of Czech education. Work in Duhovka, like education, is based on respect, cooperation and discovering human talent.

Duhovka News

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