The purpose of the Duhovka Society is to support work with children and youth, teachers and other educators in institutions belonging to the educational system of Duhovka Group. Thanks to the generosity of parents, it is possible to carry out joint school projects for our children, such as the Montessori garden for our preschool and elementary school, the high school courtyard, or social scholarships enabling Duhovka to maintain a complex, multicultural and socially diverse environment.

Duhovka seeks to provide not only high-quality Czech-English Montessori instruction to its children, but also an inspiring environment, which we create together with Duhovka parents.

There are many ways of to contribute – volunteering, presenting your expertise, providing material or a financial donation. We appreciate your participation as it contributes to the development and growth of Duhovka schools.

You can make donations to our transparent account:

Upon request, we will issue a gift certificate.